Police Have Issued You a Cycling Citation. Now What?

cycling law enforcementIn part 2 of his comprehensive overview of cycling law enforcement, Kirby Beck explains:

  • What police mean when they describe something as a “problem” (hint: it’s different from how you or I might use the word)
  • How to effectively report incidents to 911
  • How to deal with police citations (step one: stay calm!)

Beck is a retired police officer and a trainer with the International Police Mountain Bike Association.

In Part 1 of this series, Beck took us through the fascinating history of cops on bikes, and gave an overview of the current state of enforcement of bicycle law – or lack thereof. In part 3, he will discuss what police need to learn about cycling law enforcement.

One thought on “Police Have Issued You a Cycling Citation. Now What?”

  1. Just to be accurate – – Contrary to the statement in the video I’m not sure the United States Supreme Court has made any precedent setting case law on the requirement to show an ID when asked for one, even when you are legally detained or arrested. Some state Supreme Courts may have, however. Consult your state laws for that answer.

    I do know if you don’t provide it to the police, and they have valid reason to cite and/or arrest you, they will most likely put you in jail. They can’t put John Doe on a citation/ticket! If you present yourself to the jail and the judge as a John or Jane Doe you will be calling the county jail your home until the correct information is either provided or ascertained.

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