Equity & the 6 Es

i am traffic Equity Statement

All road users, including bicyclists are entitled to equitable treatment by the government and the public.

Equity is expressed through the six Es framing promoted by I am Traffic:

The Six Es of Equity

Equality → Legal: Federal, state and local, highway/traffic codes, legislation [that treat cyclists as full and equal drivers of vehicles] and policies, covering: uniformity, access, movements, and equipment | more

Education → Schools and Cycling Savvy™: Traffic skills education for the public, transportation professionals, law enforcers, and legislators | more

Engineering → Transportation: highway and bikeways development, including: designs, controls, construction, and maintenance, including funding sources | more

Enforcement → Police and Courts: Equitable treatment of cyclists through citations, trials and diversions | more

Encouragement → Public and private efforts: advertising campaigns, promotions, outreach, etc. | more

Evaluation → Public agencies: Measurement of the effects of the other Es using perceptive research methods, experiments, and on-street measurements with video and newer emerging technologies | more

i am traffic is dedicated to the equitable treatment of bicyclists through the conduct of all six Es.