Bicyclist Roadway Position versus Motorist Overtaking Distance

Submitted: July 31, 2009 (Edited on May 23, 2010 to update contact information) By: Brian DeSousa – Corresponding Author Independent Researcher Daniel Gutierrez Independent Researcher ABSTRACT A novel data collection method using bicycle helmet mounted video cameras has been applied to a case study of bicyclist lateral roadway position versus motorist overtaking distance. A 0.3 … Continue reading Bicyclist Roadway Position versus Motorist Overtaking Distance


Bicyclists are entitled to high quality training and education, from the earliest grades through adulthood, so that they can learn their rights and duties to visibly, predictably, and cooperatively participate in traffic as drivers of vehicles. Being taught to act as drivers will allow bicyclists to take advantage of the travel connectivity and efficiency of … Continue reading Education

What is a Courteous Cyclist?

The issue of courtesy often comes up when bicyclists discuss traffic, especially when motorists are part of the conversation. Most bicyclists want to be respectful of others and to set a good example. However, different assumptions, experiences and knowledge about traffic bicycling can result in different opinions of what this means. How can cyclists extend courtesies to their fellow road users, while prioritizing their own safety? We answer that question as it’s addressed by cycling classes such as CyclingSavvy and BikeWalk NC’s Traffic Bicycling course.