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first come, first served

The fundamental rule of the road. Operators of vehicles, including cyclists, are entitled to their place on the road, with reasonable clearance behind and to each side, and reasonable stopping distance in front of them. Drivers must yield before moving into space occupied by vehicles that are there first. This rule not only assigns priority at intersections, it means that a driver of a faster vehicle does not have any preemptive rights over the driver of a slower vehicle ahead.

Co-founder, CyclingSavvy
Executive Director, American Bicycling Education Association

Through two decades of bicycling, I observed many close calls and conflicts as an individual transportation cyclist as well as a recreational group rider. Studying the behavior of both cyclists and motorists, I became convinced that the greatest challenge facing American bicycling is lack of education, coupled with the destructive belief system Americans have developed about our roads.

It has become my mission to correct this problem and empower individual bicyclists to ride with the confidence and skills to reach any destination by bike. I believe we can transform our traffic culture, through education and social marketing, into one which recognizes that roads are for all people, not just the ones driving cars.

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